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 Muni Leykauf,

the international Coordinator


Muni Leykauf


I have twenty years of experience in international coordination and project management.

 I can ignite a spark. I can coordinate. I can deliver.

I do believe in this Vision.



Muni Leykauf,

the Artist



 Stars          Muni Alessandra          HIM


When I have a vision, there is no holding me back. My visions are powerful.

I did not plan 99 Lovers. 99 Lovers chose me to bring them into life, into your perception.

 Of course I want to paint lovers for this Project!

I have inherited a lot of creativity from my forefathers, and I have been painting ever since.

 I have had exhibitions in Munich, Mumbai, Maloja, Buenos Aires, New York, Geneva and on Lago di Como.


Muni Leykauf