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Art throughout History is full of naked Women, yet


The Male,

created by a female Artist

is extremely


to find.


Let’s change that!


Are today’s Women not inspired to eternalize the Male, Their Lovers?


Adressing above, I have created two Blogs:


99 Lovers

a Platform for you to admire

the very few Males

created by contemporary female Artists from around the World

& and an Invitation to female Artists to create Males.


Will submissions from Burma be different from those from Azerbaijan?


The Mirror Blog,

The Male Eternalized

simply puts image next to image.

The Male created by female artists and the Male created by male artists.

Is there a difference?




Struck by the lack of Males and Lovers created by female contemporary Artists, I do

hope to ignite a Spark, to spread a Fire of Passion around the World:

Passion of female contemporary Artists from around the World

to get up and start creating,

paint and sculpt their Lovers,

or simply:

The Male.


And slowly but steadily,

there will be a visible Presence of

The Male,


by Female Contemporary Artists

from around the World


for future Generations

to admire